Tokyo Metropolitan Police Paper Towel Mask



The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Disaster Prevention Section released "Simple Mask with Kitchen Paper (Paper Towel)" on Twitter. What to prepare Only kitchen paper, stapler, rubber band. It can be made from materials found in every home.



(1) Break the kitchen paper along the cuts and fold the bellows at 1.5cm width.

(2) Attach rubber bands to both ends of the folded kitchen paper and stop with a stapler

(3) Spread the folded kitchen paper and put rubber bands on both ends.

(4) Since the size of the face differs depending on the person, adjust at the position where the rubber band is stopped.


It has been questioned how effective the mask can be in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. The Metropolitan Police Department's Disaster Prevention Section of Tokyo also admits that simple masks have limited performance, saying that "there is a little lack of airtightness, but sand dust can be sufficiently prevented.”


I am sure that this simple mask will prevent coughing and sneezing to spread.